Trash the Dress Sessions

You have spent hours and hours searching for the perfect dress. You have hidden it from your fiancé for months. It may very well be the most expensive article of clothing you have ever bought in your life. So when you hear any sentence with “trash the dress” in it, it could cause heart palpitations. But give the idea a listen.

What happens to the wedding gown after the wedding? Usually, it’s hermetically sealed into a big, plastic bag, where it is kept, forever and ever. It’s moved from house to house, takes up plenty of closet or attic space, and never sees the light of day.

Some brides hope their daughters will one day wear the dress. But it rarely happens. Styles change. People come in different shapes and sizes. People have different tastes. (Did you wear your mom’s dress? Would you even have considered it?)

So instead of just sealing the dress away, more and more brides and grooms are doing a portrait session that is, a bit brutally, called “Trash the Dress.” (The groom doesn’t have to trash the rental tux–he can just wear black pants and a white button shirt).

Truth be told, the dress doesn’t have to be trashed. It just means the photo shoot is done someplace where the dress will get dirty–like in a forest, or by a lake. Maybe even in a lake. Or at a beach. Or in an abandoned house. In a field. In a crosswalk downtown. It could be anywhere.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. And what do you get? Instead of just having conventional wedding portraits, you can get creative portraits in a dramatic or spectacular setting–artistic photographs that you will love for the rest of your life. Many brides think it’s better than a bagged dress any day.