Say No to Amateurs. Hire a Pro Photographer

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and naturally you want fabulous photographs to document this special day. With all the preparation and expense involved you don’t want to risk dropping the ball by leaving the photography to an amateur, no matter how much ‘Cousin Tommy’ swears he’s a whizz with the camera.

Say No to Amateurs. Hire a Professional Photographer

Cousin Tommy may be cheap, or even free, but why take a gamble on one of the happiest days of your life?

Say No to Amateurs. Hire a Professional Photographer

Professionals notice the details, which will ruin a perfectly nice photo.

There is a world of difference between a professional with top of the range equipment and your friend ‘Sally’ with her mobile phone or ipad. Even if Tommy and Sally have shown off their great vacation pics they won’t necessarily be experienced in posing the bride and groom for romantic shots or well versed in the latest trends of reportage or artistic photography.

Professional wedding photographers are an expense to be included in the overall budget. Although you may be tempted to slash the cost by letting friends or relatives loose with their digital cameras, it is a false economy if the photographs they take are a disappointment. Wedding photographs hold precious tangible memories of the day and if the results are a flop you can’t re-do the day: those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments are lost forever.

Over exposed, unfocused photograph

Amateurs tend to forget about the basics such as lighting, focus and content; such as who let the goober in the little boy shorts in the frame?

Photographers with wedding experience and impressive portfolios work hard to ensure the lighting is just right, a skill demonstrated if the light in the church is a tad gloomy or the sunshine is too bright. They know how to position you to avoid shadows, how to work in the sunshine so you don’t end up squinting into the camera, and when using a flash is necessary.

example of photo with poor lighting.

Very Poor Lighting. A professional would have had indirect lighting to eliminate the shadows effect.

If Ted and Sally are still pressuring you into cutting corners by offering to photo-document your wedding you can let them down gently by persuading them they are there to enjoy the day. Wedding guests will want to eat, drink and make merry, and won’t be on hand all the time to capture every special moment. As Uncle Ted tucks into his salmon he is likely to miss a never to be repeated moment, or Sally could dash off to touch up her make-up, missing that romantic shot of the two of you in the first flush of wedded bliss. A professional photographer will dedicate every moment of their time to the job you have engaged them for and will be experienced in knowing exactly what makes a certain moment worth shooting.

Snow falling on newlyweds.

Amateur photographers become victims of their environment. Their success depends mostly on luck.

Another reason to go with the professionals is they won’t be distracted by the guests, being experienced in taking photographs in group settings. Additionally they will know how to round up the guests for those all important group shots and how to direct you in magical bride and groom poses. One underestimated skill professional wedding photographers offer is their ability to put people at ease and thus bring the best out of them for the photographs. The group dynamic may not react well to Uncle Ted barking orders.

Photo bombed ring ceremony.

Ruined pre-planned photos, like this ring ceremony, are particularly disappointing. Amateurs don’t usually look beyond the action immediately in front of their camera. A professional would have either shifted positions to cut the photo bomber out of the frame, or would even have quietly asked the couple to pause the ceremony until the distraction in the back moved on.

Of course the job of a wedding photographer does not end when the lights go down with the final dance. The shots need to be skilfully edited into images you can cherish and they have the expertise needed to create photographic images you will treasure forever.