Transform Your Digital Images Into Permanent Memories

Transform Your Digital Images Into Permanent MemoriesMost of remember our first professional photographs as the school group pictures that were taken at at the beginning of every school year. We were at our dorky best, but mortified that we had to pose for the camera. Later we would have individual photos taken as pre-teens and teenagers. These were still somewhat embarrassing, but at least the professional photographer was quick and painless, ushering us through like cattle in a slaughter house. The photos were given to us in a large white envelope in various poses so parents and grandparents could vie for the best shots.

Transform Your Digital Images Into Permanent MemoriesWe didn’t get our picture taken at school, that we were really proud, of until the big Spring Dance at the end of our Junior or Senior years. Girls in their new designer prom dresses and boys in their rental tuxedos would stand proud to get that particular photo taken. We usually received these in pairs, one for her and one for him. And these would usually be our last photos shot by a professional until we found the partner of our dreams and decided to get married.

Today’s wedding photographers capture hundreds of special moments before, during and after the ceremony, which are made available to their clients as digital images first. The time honored way of preserving these images is to have the best ones printed onto photographic paper to create a wedding album and framed photographs. Wedding albums are treasured keepsakes that become family heirlooms, but there are many other creative ways to transform your digital images into permanent memories. With the proliferation of print services available there has never been a better time to ensure your images have longevity.

Transform Your Digital Images Into Permanent MemoriesNot only can you use these digital images to create stand out wall art in your home but certain images may make wonderful gifts for friends and family. The parents of your flower girl will adore the candid shot of her laughing and your bridesmaids may treasure the shot your destination wedding photographer captured of them frolicking at the beach. Or the bride, in her favorite pick of Allure wedding dresses. These images can be printed onto canvas, wood, metal or glass, or onto personalized throw pillows, iPhone cases, photo cubes and mugs.

Metal prints are an unusual choice as the images are printed onto aluminium wall hangings that give the impression of floating on the wall. Matte prints are fashioned into an aluminium mount with a UV lamination to protect the photograph. The result is hardy and durable as the fade free photographs are not only waterproof but scratch proof and stain proof too.

Companies such as Shutterfly or Snapfish you can upload your favorite photograph onto a canvas print for a customized design with gallery-wrapped edges or a wooden frame. A single image or a collage of images can be printed onto stretch canvas to create a stunning wall hanging.

Glass prints offer an unusual alternative to paper prints and if the idea appeals companies such as Florida based Fracture can transform your uploaded image onto glass and send it out to you. Other companies specialize in transforming your uploaded image onto wood. The texture of the unique wood grain will add a rich and vibrant finish to your photograph, with the option of a margin creating a natural wooden frame.

The images you select to transform into permanent photographs need not necessarily be the ones depicting yourself as a newlywed couple. There may be background shots that simply make great wall art, pictures of your live band performing or photos of the venue that bring back special memories. With so many options for bringing your digital images to life you can change up your decor by regularly introducing new pictures from your cache.