Color vs Black And White Wedding Photographs

You put so much thought and attention into every single aspect of your dream wedding and want every last detail captured to perfection in the wedding photographs. You want a skilled photographer with an artistic eye to record every moment, feature and emotion, producing beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your wedding day vision. While most couples choose to have a shot list of photographs to be done in color, there is an increasing trend towards black and white photographs or a combination of both options.

Color film only came into play into the 1930s and couples that appreciate a classic and timeless look may well be drawn to the artistry of black and white prints. Black and white photographs can appear more romantic and create sharp and crisp images that really focus on human emotions. If people are the central narrative of the picture then a black and white photograph can draw the focus onto them rather than the background. There is no vying for attention as the focus is concentrated on the person without any distractions.

When deciding if to go with color or black and white photographs one should realize that color photographs can be converted to black and white but black and white cannot be converted to color. If your photographer shoots all the images in color you can opt for some to be reproduced in black and white. Color photographs best capture the overall look of the day when you want photographs of the table settings, floral arrangements and bridesmaid’s dresses.

A popular choice is to have the pre-wedding ceremony photographs in black and white before switching to color for shots of the ceremony and reception. Black and white works well with reportage style wedding photographs which capture the moment without specific posing. Black and white creates an excellent record of true emotions such as the tears of happiness in a bride’s eyes or the tenderness of the moment as the ring is slipped onto the wedding finger.

A single color can be introduced to a crisp black and white photograph to stunning effect. Imagine the image of a single shot of the bride in a white gown with the only color coming from her bouquet, a shot of the flower girl when the only splash of color is the ribbon in her hair, or an evocative shot of the bride and groom beneath a colored umbrella.


A combination of both black and white and color photographs is a great way to satisfy a taste for both styles. The inclusion of black and white photographs can be considered a hopeful sign of marriage longevity as unlike color photographs they will not begin to fade over time. You will retain an unblemished record of this most special of days that will stand the test of time and be appreciated by future generations.